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Richard Gölz: Film and Yad Vashem

Richard Gölz was a pastor and he lived in Wankheim, near Tübingen. For him gregorianic music was important, he wanted to use the german language. 

Later, during the second world war, he hidet jewish refugies in his house, on their way to switzerland. 

A film was made about his life, he changed his confession and became orthodox priest in the USA.

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Ein Film von Sabine Gölz, Oleg Timofeyev; Camera: Dimitri Lavrinenko, © Arbat-Film 2015

Richard und Hilde Gölz verewigt in Yad Vashem 
Richard und Hilde Gölz gerechte unter den Völkern חסיד אומות העולם
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The film about Richard Gölz: short trailer

Richard Gölz: a longer trailer (14 min)